Experts in identifying and coaching driving risk 

SpeedGauge is a driver analytics and performance enhancement company whose focused, effective solutions help fleets manage and improve driving behaviors to transform a company’s safety culture, reduce risk, strengthen business operations and enhance financial results.

At our core, we are experts in identifying and coaching driving risk – protecting businesses, their drivers and the motoring public.

Pioneers in driving behavior insights and improvement…

  • Founded in 2002 by veteran location technology entrepreneurs Jonathan Hubbard (CEO), Christopher Kantarjiev (CTO) and Robert Reid (Board Member)
  • 2004-2005:  SpeedGauge, under the previous corporate name LandSonar, built the first nationwide predictive traffic speed data service (think Waze)
  • 2006:  First customer in USA
  • 2007:  First customer in Canada
  • 2008: The SpeedGauge Safety Center® launched based on the company’s pioneering work in commercial vehicle telematics
  • 2008:  SpeedGauge receives its first patent:  US 7356392, “System and method for evaluating vehicle and operator performance” (a total of 9 US patents awarded to date)
  • 2009:  First customers in UK and Ireland
  • 2011:  First driving data analytics company to incorporate crowd-sourcing map correction updates from users, creating the most up-to-date, accurate posted-speed limit database in the world
  • 2014:  First customer in South Africa
  • 2015:  First customer in continental Europe
  • 2016:  First customers in Australia & New Zealand
  • 2017:  First customers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, South America and Mexico
  • 2017: SpeedGauge Insurance Services launched following the acquisition of ATG Risk Solutions, and the ATG Clearinghouse, the largest repository of commercial vehicle driving data for insurance underwriting, claims and loss prevention
  • 2018:  SpeedGauge introduced GaugeMyFleet to help auto insurers and their clients identify and reduce driving risk
  • 2019:  SpeedGauge introduced a mobile app for drivers, placing driving behavior trend data in the palm of the driver’s hand
  • 2020:  SpeedGauge Certified Expert accreditation program begun for risk managers and safety counselors

Transforming data analysis into usable intelligence…

Designed and engineered for simplicity, SpeedGauge products and services focus on the driver behaviors and vehicle operations that most impact safety and risk exposure. 

SpeedGauge services are delivered in partnership with leading vehicle-tracking/fleet management companies across the globe, with reports provided on hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day. 

Empowering the transportation ecosphere:  shippers, fleets, insurers

Building on the original core SpeedGauge Safety Center service, we expanded our services beyond the fleet safety professional to encompass the wider fleet management community and, more recently, to the insurance companies, agents and brokers who serve fleets, as well as the shippers who rely upon fleets to transport their goods.

The entire transportation ecosystem is concerned with driver performance and shares in the risks associated with commercial driving. From our driver-facing reports to our underwriting analytics, SpeedGauge delivers scalable and realistic solutions that drive change.

Respected, responsible data stewards and analysts…

Emphasizing data security, protection and privacy, SpeedGauge serves as a responsible guardian of the data entrusted to us – data which transforms how our customers do business.