Management Team

Our leadership team brings together deep bench strength in the transportation industry and fleet management business with the best of Silicon Valley innovation, management experience and entrepreneurial spirit. Led by highly qualified professionals with top-tier education in their respective fields and experience at companies including Oracle, Disney, Xerox PARC, Silicon Graphics and Webvan, our team is prepared for the technical and business challenges facing the transportation and technology industries today.


We are proud of our approach to problem solving and the impact that our work has had in the real world - our products and services are built to solve serious business management problems, improve safety and increase revenue. With experience building and deploying fleet routing software and geographic information systems, we turn our combined knowhow into a strong business asset for our partners and for the fleets and companies that use SpeedGauge.

Jonathan Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder

Jonathan is a proven serial entrepreneur with a proven history of success under his belt. An innovator in Silicon Valley for nearly twenty years, Jonathan understands how to use technology to make our day-to-day lives better, and how to improve company performance by tackling tough problems with simple business logic and technology solutions.


In 1995 Jonathan founded Hobby Markets Online, a web-based auction company that he sold to InfoSpace in 2000. He then served as CEO of MetaExchange, a bid-ask commodity exchange platform, which he sold to AVROKO in 2001. Before coming to Silicon Valley, Jonathan spent four years at Euro Disneyland in Paris where he worked in Business Planning and as Manager of Transportation.


Jonathan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in international relations from Johns Hopkins University. He is the recipient of several awards including Internet Week's well-respected "Business on the Internet Award" for Best Site for Business-to-Consumer Commerce and has been awarded eight US & European patents.

Christopher Kantarjiev, CTO and Co-Founder

Chris has stayed on the leading edge of the technology curve in both the research and the business worlds.  He has been part of the buildout and deployment of many technology innovations, including contributions to the X Window System and the world’s fastest TCP-linked PostScript printer at Digital Equipment Corporation, high speed graphics and video transfer at Silicon Graphics, database load balancing at Oracle, enterprise wireless data services at Unimobile, wireless hardware development at Adobe Systems’ Advanced Technology Labs, and the creation of Webvan’s award winning delivery scheduling system. His academic experience includes research in distributed file systems at Purdue and ubiquitous computing at Xerox PARC, as well as standards management for the Open Grid Forum.


Chris holds a PhD in computer science from Purdue University and a BS in physics from Xavier University and has been awarded 15 patents for his work with SpeedGauge, Oracle, Xerox, and others.

Robert Reid, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder (Retired)

Bob is a seasoned sales executive with more than 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley, selling chips and hardware in large scale deployments around the globe. Bob met Jonathan when they worked together at MetaExchange, where Bob served as Vice President of Sales, and they decided to start SpeedGauge after they sold the company.


Before SpeedGauge and MetaExchange, Bob held a range of sales leadership and management positions, including Executive Vice President of Pro Associates, Senior Vice President for Oki Semiconductor, Director of Worldwide Computer Account Sales for AMD, and Industry Sales Manager for Philips Semiconductor/Signetics.


Bob attended California State University at Fullerton and is a member of the Board of Governors and the Safety and Conference Planning committees of the National Private Truck Council Institute (NPTC), and a founding member of the non-profit Border Community Alliance. He has also been involved with the American Trucking Association, and the Santa Cruz Community Foundation, and holds one US patent.