What is the SpeedGauge Safety Center?

The SpeedGauge Safety Center is an independent vehicle speed monitoring service that monitors vehicle speeds against posted legal speed limits every 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The SpeedGauge Safety Center service is offered to commercial fleets worldwide through our partnerships with leading telematics service providers.

The Safety Center provides driver coaching and performance management services focused on reduce speeding - the behavior with the greatest impact on driver safety and performance - the Safety Center motivates drivers, empowers managers, and provides accountability for executives. Fleets receive a mix of alerts, reports, charts, maps, and other tools, along with our coaching and implementation services, that allow them to understand their drivers’ speeding behaviors and take action against it.

Fleets using SpeedGauge have significantly reduced speeding ticket and accident rates, improved fuel economy, and reduced maintenance costs by adopting safer and more conscientious driving habits.

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What is the SpeedGauge Safety Score?

The SpeedGauge Safety Score is a benchmarking tool that allows fleets to compare their safety performance to that of other fleets, and to provide a measure of their overall safety performance to outside parties.

SpeedGauge uses the number and frequency of speeding incidents, fleet size, location, and other factors to calculate a score ranging from 350 to 850. A higher score indicates a greater safety rating, and less overall speeding, while a lower score indicates room for improvement.

A fleet's percentile ranking is relative to the performance of other SpeedGauge-enabled fleets operating in the same country.