A Better You on the Road

When most people think about truck driving, they envision long hours behind a wheel with little to no exercise. Staying fit and lavish accommodations usually is not part of that picture. Daimler is seeking to change that though. Recently, the manufacturer has been developing a research vehicle focused on improving the health and safety of commercial truck drivers. The test vehicle, known as TopFitTruck, includes upgrades to improve comfort for the driver, as well as assist in keeping drivers more alert and helping them rest.

What can be found in the TopFitTruck and what are they for? Sitting for 8+ hours a day can be taxing on drivers and find it hard to exercise, so Daimler has included expander bands that attach to the cab roof and floor and developed an exercise program that plays on the truck's video screen, all to help today's commercial driver stay fit when they can't make it to the gym.

But Daimler didn't just stop at fitness; they also developed and integrated technologies to make drivers safer while on the road. According to one of Daimler's research directors, drowsiness behind the wheel is one of the most common causes of accidents for truck drivers. To combat this issue the TopFitTruck includes a reclining massage seat and steering-wheel pillow to help on those quick power naps. The truck also is equipped with a perfume atomizer that can emit a revitalizing menthol fragrance to help drivers remain alert, and a sound system that can identify music by its relaxing or stimulating nature, selecting songs based on whether a driver is dozing off or waking up.

Wrapping up the TopFitTruck the engineers at Daimler included some of today's best safety technologies including voice-command recognition, adaptive cruise control and other sensors to reduce fatigue and improve safety. No idea when you may see some of these goods in your new truck, but, we're sure excited for them!

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