A New Year, New Plans

Let me officially welcome you to 2013 from SpeedGauge. Our blog is more than a year-old now, and we've enjoyed sharing our insight, experience and take on the industry with you. As we move into the New Year, our company is hard at work thinking of new and better ways to serve our customers and the industry as a whole. For many, the New Year often brings with it a new sense of hope, excitement and promises to actually go to the gym.

For fleets, the New Year often brings with it a new financial year, and a new set of challenges. This is the time that businesses begin evaluating their plans for equipment acquisition, business targets, new technology investments and employee programs. While gym membership may spike in January and gym visits drop by February, it is important for fleets to stay the course on decisions that impact their bottom line. Here are three key areas to consider when looking at a refresh of your fleet in 2013.


  • Equipment: Fleets are one of the most equipment dependent businesses there are. A fleet cannot operate without trucks, trailers, communications equipment, repair equipment and distribution points. Over time equipment begins wearing out and is need of repair or replacement. Older trucks and trailers can bring with them increased maintenance and fuel costs while increasing the likelihood of expensive breakdowns. Developing a strategy to update your truck and trailer fleet with newer equipment can help your fleet avoid a constant drain on your bottom line. Additionally, new equipment improvements in the form of trailer skirts and other add-ons can help reduce your fleet's fuel requirements, even on older trucks.
  • Technology: Trucking is not immune from the effects of the 21st century, and new technology can benefit your business in a number of capacities. Many fleets are aware of the new technology that is available to outfit their trucks, from electronic on-board recorders to improved safety systems including SpeedGauge and lane departure warning, but many fleets overlook the technology used at their home base. Improvements in your office's technology, from new order fulfillment systems to cloud-based productivity suites can ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible, and even when away from the office.
  • Employee Programs: The shortage of qualified truck drivers is not a secret, and this leaves fleets fighting over a shrinking pool of viable employees. Help keep your fleet in the game by revamping programs designed to encourage driver retention and recruiting. If your business finds itself desperate for new drivers, consider offering a scholarship to help pay for truck driving school for pre-qualified candidates. Fleets also can protect their drivers from being poached by other companies by providing programs designed to reward positive driver behavior and encourage a friendly culture. Programs geared around safe driving or reduced idling can save fleets money, while promoting healthy driving habits and rewarding good drivers. Ride-along programs for pets and family creates another perk for employees and helps keep driver morale high, if your fleet doesn't currently have a ride-along program, consider adding one. A variety of programs can be implemented in fleets of all sizes to boost recruitment and driver retention.

Here's to the New Year, and to finally keeping that promise to spend more time at the gym.

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