Announcing the SpeedGauge Safety Score

Jonathan Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder


Have you ever wanted to know how your fleet’s safety performance compares to your competitors?


SpeedGauge is pleased to announce the beta release of SpeedGauge Safety ScoreTM, a risk-weighted score of fleet speed performance calculated on a monthly basis and provided to all SpeedGauge fleets. Log in to see you SpeedGauge Safety Score today.


The Safety Score uses a proprietary methodology developed by SpeedGauge to compare the behavior of hundreds of thousands of vehicles currently using the SpeedGauge Safety CenterTM. Available to all SpeedGauge users, the Safety Score compares fleets to others within the same country. More than a raw speeding percentage, the score allows for a reliable comparison between carriers of all sizes and types.


Where do you rank?


In addition to receiving a score on the familiar 350-850 point scale commonly found in financial credit scoring systems, SpeedGauge Safety Center subscribers will see a ranked comparison showing how their score compares to other Safety Center subscribers.


This initial beta version of the Safety Score has been released with the objective of receiving feedback and input from our Safety Center users. In particular, we are interested to know how subscribers would like to use their scores as a benchmark for improvement when compared to other like fleets. If you have a moment, please consider taking our survey to provide your feedback - it will be greatly appreciated.


Congratulations to those with the highest scores! And to those in need of improvement, we look forward to continuing to work with you to improve your scores and improve the safety of your fleet. For free, hands-on coaching and safety performance evaluations, contact and watch your score improve!

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