Are You In a Trucker Friendly City?

Speed trap ahead. Weight limits in effect. No commercial traffic. Potholes galore. These are all features of city that is less-than-friendly to truck drivers. With our economy being driven by truck drivers, it's important they not be left behind in city planning and regulation development. But what are a few factors of a trucker friendly city? What should we consider to make life a little easier for the truckers who deliver the food and goods we use every day?

Truck driving is not always local business, and many truckers may not be close to the terminal they drive out of, requiring them to find a place to keep their rig. Sadly, many communities and neighborhoods ban the storage of semi-trucks in residential neighborhoods. This provision can be difficult for drivers depending on their truck to make a living when their base of operations is not local. When developing ordinances, it's important for cities to take truck drivers needs into consideration. Want to keep residential areas truck free? Consider adding a parking/storage area for commercial drivers in the area to keep their rigs while on home leave.

Another important consideration for truck friendly cities is the use of truck routes and road maintenance. Many drivers are often responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their trucks, potholes and rough roads increase the wear and tear on the trucks, leading to increased costs for drivers. Industries have been known to avoid locating in areas with poor road conditions due to the increased cost for transporting product. By working to improve road quality along major trucking routes, you're not only promoting the benefits your city has for industry, but improving it for residents sharing the road. It's also important to consider the routes you designate for trucks, not having the best turning radius, and understanding drivers are also often on a timeline, it's important to not have too many bypasses or complex routes for drivers to reach their destination.

Be sure to get involved in your local community and help promote these and other tips to city leaders on how they can make their city more trucker friendly.

This entry was posted on August 13th, 2012 by jhubbard and is filed under Recent News & Updates.