Are you SpeedGauge Certified?

SpeedGauge is a powerful tool designed to maximize the safety, efficiency and value of your fleet operations. To help you get the most out of SpeedGauge we've developed a program and certification process to make you a SpeedGauge Expert.

The new online program, SpeedGauge Certified, will ensure your staff receives the maximum return on your SpeedGauge investment and is up-to-date on best practices.

SpeedGauge Certified consists of free, online training modules, which are designed for our partners and customers to provide a solid foundation of how SpeedGauge works, training on the latest SpeedGauge features and the benefits it will bring to your fleet. Once the online training is finished, users will be directed to complete a short test. If you pass, you'll be mailed a certificate confirming your SpeedGauge expertise.

What are the benefits of the SpeedGauge Certified program?

  • Your sales, engineering and support staff will become well-versed in the mechanics of SpeedGauge and know how to stay abreast of upcoming changes and enhancements to benefit your business.
  • You will be able to determine how you can best utilize SpeedGauge's offerings for your fleet.

To get started, contact Andrew Listak at for more information and registration.

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