Cut insurance costs with one call?

Get in an accident and you're sure to see your car insurance rates go up. It's no different in the trucking industry. Whether you're self-insured or purchase liability insurance from an outside vendor, accidents cost money.

Much like insurers in the consumer market, fleet insurance companies look to claim history and traffic citations when determining premiums. But, unlike their counterparts, fleets have another source of information that can work against them: CSA scores. Insurance providers now monitor fleets? CSA scores and citations to estimate risk and set premiums.

Technology now helps fleets manage their insurance costs by controlling risk. Through speed monitoring, fleets have been able to reduce their chances of being pulled over and triggering roadside inspections. By reducing accidents, tickets and roadside inspections, fleets are able to limit the negative factors insurers use to increase premiums.

We all can support lower costs, safer roads and less roadside inspections!

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