Data vs. Information vs. Advice

We live in the age of technology. Everywhere we look it is easy to see the impact that technology has had and the amount of data we now have at our fingertips. But what about data overload? Are data and information the same? And how does advice play into the equation?

To put it simply, data is the raw numbers and facts that come from any sort of research or analysis, meanwhile, information is data that has been processed into a usable form and advice is a recommendation based on that information. For example, knowing that a truck is going 45 mph is data; knowing the truck is going 20 mph above the speed limit on that road and is the sixth time that driver has been recorded speeding, would be information. Advice uses that information to create a recommendation that the driver should be enrolled in additional driver safety training.

What does all of this mean for fleets? With today's technological advancements, fleets have an ever increasing amount of data that is available to them, but all of the data in the world is no use if you can't process it into usable information. It is easy to fall victim to data overload and overlook what has the potential to be beneficial to the business and its drivers. Through telematics providers, fleets can not only unlock new data, but can receive information that helps their managers develop important advice to improve operations.

Think about what data your fleet receives, is it being turned into helpful information? What information would better help you run your fleet? We'd like to know. Please comment below with the data and information that is most beneficial to your fleet.

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