Data Without Insight Is Just A Set Of Numbers

Knowing what to do with it is key to improving performance…

There's a sense that the more data points we collect, the better decisions our fleet managers should be able to make; by all rights these days we should have the most efficient fleet operations ever.

But the truth is far less glamorous: as more data piles in, we seem to be sorting it increasingly poorly -- expanding the gap between data and information. A survey of fleet managers found nearly 1/3 of them had little faith in their organizations' ability to use collected data to make good decisions -- rating the process ineffective or extremely ineffective. Worse still, during a period of unprecedented expansion in data collection, just 1 in 5 think they're getting the data they need to improve their operations.

The term here is "information overload." Just as the psychological condition leads to an inability to make decisions in people, the business condition does the same to organizations. To fix it, start with figuring out what's important. Are you looking to improve safety? Decrease driver turnover? You can't chart your course without some idea of where you want to go.

Data is like the ingredients in a recipe. You don't need to know how to grind flour to tell whether a cake is any good. Likewise, you shouldn't need an advanced degree in statistics to interpret reports about your fleet data. Avoid the temptation to watch data as it's streaming in and trying to improve numbers in real time. Instead, watch trends for a better understanding of effective changes you can make going forward.

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