Encourage Safer Driving Wherever Trucks Roll

The trucking industry has been working hard to increase its safety record and perception to the public. Fleets have embraced speed monitoring while the government has launched programs focused on monitoring fleet safety. Sure, initiatives like these are easy on the busy highways and city streets, but what about when trucks leave the pavement?

Trucks have long supported the oil, forestry, mining and related industries far off the beaten path, with their own set of challenges and increased risk. Historically, these areas were hard to manage safety and speed programs, but thanks to technology, this is no longer the case.

But why is monitoring speed in these areas so important? Safety, of course. Whether it is dust control in a refinery burning off gas, or protecting the integrity of a delicate ice road, higher speeds lead to an exponential increase of risk in these locations.

So how do we make drivers and workers safer in these high-risk locales? Satellite technology and GPS systems now enable us to create custom speed zones that register with a truck's onboard GPS system when outside of the digitally tracked speed limits set by cities and states on conventional roads. Our new SpeedGaugeAnywhere, integrates with Google Earth's kml format and can also support proprietary GIS data files to allow custom speed monitoring anywhere on the globe.

Want to control speed on a remote mining road in northern Saskatchewan? How about inside the Port of Los Angeles? Thanks to technology, now you can.

This entry was posted on December 26th, 2011 by jhubbard and is filed under Recent News & Updates.