Know Yourself Best

Who spends more time with you than yourself? No one. This is no different for your business, and in some ways for the drivers you have on the road. As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) continues to expand and utilize their CSA program, it is important to establish a set of checks and balances, if for no one other than yourself. Our founding fathers believed in this system for our government, doesn't your business deserve the same?

Recently a lawsuit was filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) against the FMCSA due to, what they allege, is incorrect information affecting drivers? records. Four drivers have been named as plaintiffs in the suit, each of the drivers received citations during routine inspections; they challenged these citations and were found not guilty in court. Currently, FMCSA uses DataQ, to process disputes to their Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS), which collects data from roadside inspections and crash reports. This database populates reports, including those obtained through the Pre-Employment Screening Program. Each of the fifty states handles disputes against the database to control costs and management liabilities. When each of the plaintiffs submitted their "not-guilty" rulings to the DataQ system, each had the challenge denied by their individual state. OOIDA is contesting that this is unfair as they were found not guilty.

Despite your opinion on whether or not a legal "not guilty" ruling overrides the authority of law enforcement and inspectors on the ground, this issue does bring up an important point. Know yourself best.
Safety and compliance programs help companies establish a positive culture that reduces inspection stops and improves inspection scores. When developing these programs, it is important to include your own form of monitoring and recording of violations, or the lack thereof. It is easy for an officer to misreport a violation or mistakenly confuse reporting during a traffic stop or inspection. By developing a program of self-reporting and recording internally, you build up a record and defense to any misreported issues. Services like SpeedGauge can serve as an integral part of the overarching checks and balances of your business; showcasing the safe driving behaviors of your employees, and providing a record should you ever need it.

What do you find important to a safety and compliance program for your fleet?

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