Points For Your License

Drivers have points, fleets have CSA scores and truck drivers have both. Currently more than half of the states in America have some sort of point system to track unsafe driving habits and all states fall under the CSA program to track unsafe practices for both drivers and fleets as a whole.

This system results in a double whammy for truck drivers, who not only can be damaged by low CSA ratings, but also be impacted by points leveraged on their drivers license by a state DMV. One of the top indicators of unsafe driving, and a trigger for a CSA stop, is excessive speed.

But what does speed mean for a driver? While some states do not leverage points for speeding, more and more states are changing their tune. South Dakota, who previously did not add points to a drivers record for speeding, decided to kick off 2012 by closing that gap.

Technology used to monitor speeding infractions by drivers, is not a tool to just benefit a fleet owner, but a tool to benefit drivers. Less speeding means fewer points, which ultimately equates to a more valuable driver who can showcase their worth and safe driving record when review time comes around.

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