Reducing Speed Saves Lives

It's no secret we like speed control, the majority of our product offerings revolve around helping fleets control and monitor their speed to improve efficiency and safety. But does slowing down really save lives? The short answer, yes!

Recently the Ontario Ministry of Transportation released their Ontario Road Safety Annual Report (ORSAR), and reported that the province ranks first among all jurisdictions in North America for safety; including the lowest number of road fatalities in the last 68 years. What is the reason for this great safety record? According to the MTO, it involves a number of initiatives, including a speed limiter law that went into effect in 2009.

What does the trucking industry think of this? They're ecstatic. The Ontario Trucking Association actually had lobbied for speed limiters, and is happy to see the positive effect they have had. Truck drivers care about those on the roads they drive, and are some of the safest drivers there are.

When looking to improve the safety of your fleet, think about the positive effects speed limiters have had in Ontario, and give us a call. SpeedGauge's technology encourages safe driving at all speed limits, unlike speed limiters which are only effective at controlling the top speed a truck can reach.

This entry was posted on July 16th, 2012 by jhubbard and is filed under Recent News & Updates.