Congratulations to Jonathan Dudley, SpeedGauge Safe Driver Award Winner!!

Congratulations to Jonathan Dudley, SpeedGauge Safe Driver Award Winner!!

We are excited to announce that Jonathan Dudley from Robertson Electric has won the August 2018 SpeedGauge Safe Driver Award!  All drivers participating in the GaugeMyFleet 90-Day safety benchmarking program who have earned a safety score above 700 and have driven at least 100 miles are eligible for this monthly drawing.  

Commenting on Jonathan Dudley’s award, Bruce Locker, owner of Robertson Electric, noted that “The GaugeMyFleet free 90-day safety benchmarking program has been great in reminding us that, even though our business is delivering top quality electric, heating, air conditioning and plumbing services, safe driving is an important part of that mission. I think it’s helped all of our employees who drive take a closer look at how they drive and where they can improve their driving habits.  Jonathan Dudley is not only an excellent electrician, thanks to the GaugeMyFleet safety scoring system, he’s proven he is a very safety-conscious driver as well.  And, as a business owner, that’s something very reassuring and worth rewarding.”

SpeedGauge’s GaugeMyFleet free 90-day safety evaluation program is offered by insurance companies to provide a safety benchmark for Agents and their clients to use to better manage driving risk and determine coverage needs and deductibles. The essential driver coaching and performance improvement solution reduces speeding and driving risk... saving money, saving lives.

“This Safe Driver Award reflects the individual dedication to safety that Jonathan Dudley has demonstrated, as well as Robertson Electric’s commitment to a safe-driving culture for its employees and the motoring public,” noted SpeedGauge President Jonathan Hubbard.  “Congratulations to the entire team at Robertson Electric for a job well, and safely, done!”

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