SpeedGauge en español. Et en français.

When it comes to providing information that helps fleets and drivers cut costs and increase safety, no one should be left out. This is why SpeedGauge is committed to expanding its existing global reach and improving the experience for our customers.

One way we're working to improve the SpeedGauge experience is through better integration and alignment with fleets? native environment. That is why we're happy to announce SpeedGauge reports and its customer portal are now available in Spanish and French.

SpeedGauge reports provide fleet managers with speed violations, incident details and location, speeding frequency and trend data for vehicles in a fleet. Providing these reports and charts in native languages will ensure managers have the most complete data without the need for additional work translating reports for non-English speaking parties.

We will continue to seek out ways to provide more service for our customers and expanding global base.

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