SpeedGaugeAssurance: Improving GPS Receiver Installation

How much impact can one loose cable have? Scientists at the CERN research institute near Geneva found it can have profound impacts. Last year they announced that sub-atomic particles can travel faster than light, upending a century old foundation of physics, discovered by Albert Einstein, which states nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

So was Einstein wrong? No. It turns out there was a faulty cable installation that affected the accuracy of the measurements.

Vehicle tracking and other GPS-enabled location-based services (LBS) might not need the exact level of precision that CERN needs in measuring sub-atomic particles, but accurate information is just as important. So how can you tell if there is a problem with your GPS receiver installation?

SpeedGauge, a leader in location-based analytics, developed the SpeedGaugeAssurance system to detect and troubleshoot problematic GPS hardware installations. SpeedGaugeAssurance uses propriety analytic techniques to monitor and asses the directional and positional accuracy of real-world data without requiring a known fixed locations to measure and benchmark accuracy.

Interested in how SpeedGaugeAssurance can help your GPS hardware installations? Contact Robert Reid at bob@speedgauge.net.

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