Taking on Old Man Winter

This time of year the northern parts of the world often find themselves covered in a blanket of white. As conditions worsen and ice builds up on roadways, speed becomes an increasingly important safety variable.

Tires need traction to stop, and it doesn't matter if your brakes are holding when you're sliding on a sheet of ice. How can you prevent this? Slow down! No load you're carrying is worth your life.

Looking for a few tips to help this winter?

Watch your speed: Drive to the conditions, not a preset plan or schedule.

Monitor the airwaves: Listen to the radio and CB, if news is coming of worse conditions ahead, pull off if need be. Waiting out a storm can take less time than waiting for a tow truck to pull your rig out of a ditch.

Be prepared: Carry energy bars, water, blankets and extra fuel treatment with you. These simple supplies can be life savers when the weather turns nasty.

Often here we talk about the importance of speed control to reduce accidents and save costs, but in winter driving watching your speed can save your life.

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