The Complete Safety Solution

Safety is at the heart of our business, and a topic that is important to every fleet and driver across the globe. While many of our offerings specialize in speed related safety, there are more issues and safety technologies that fleets should consider than just speeding. Commercial drivers easily log more than 100,000 miles of driving each year, compared to 13,500 for the average passenger driver. With these added miles, vehicle size and weight, commercial trucks have the potential for more accidents.

And we've all seen it, (or maybe have even been an offender) - cutting quickly in front of a semi on the highway. This situation is very dangerous as an 18-wheeler won-t exactly stop on a dime, and often cannot see a small car in front of them if it is too close. To combat this issue, fleets are beginning to integrate front collision warning systems into their trucks. A front collision warning system will alert a driver if they are getting too close to an object in front of them, or in the case of being cutoff, alert the driver of when they have a vehicle on their front bumper. In addition to driver alerts, many front collision warning systems also are capable of applying the brakes automatically if too close to an object in front of them, faster than humans can respond.

While collision warning systems help to prevent accidents, another safety technology helps keep drivers safe during the long hours on the road. In a two-and-a-half year study, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found 11 percent of injury accidents are caused by crossing the centerline. New technologies are being developed that alert a driver if they-re venturing outside of their lane, helping to alert a drowsy driver and in some cases even steer the truck back into their proper lane. Using video, laser and infrared sensors, this new technology first became available on commercial trucks in 2000 and has so much safety potential the NHTSA is considering mandating lane departure systems and frontal collision warning systems on automobiles.

Rounding out the safety innovations being implemented in today's trucks are rollover stability systems and adaptive cruise control that matches the speed of your vehicle with the one in front of you, automatically. Considering any of these new technologies in addition to your speed monitoring system will provide another level of safety to your drivers and the vehicles around them.

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