The Professional Driver: Truckers vs. Passenger Drivers

The worst has happened - you broke your leg playing a game of pick-up basketball at the Y; time to call that guy you know who took a CPR course once, right?

Whether it is for a broken leg, broken pipe or a broken down car, we consult experts for their knowledge and experience. Driving is no different. While the automobile has become a fixture throughout the world, and millions get behind the wheel, does that make everyone a professional driver? No.

Truck drivers are professionals, driving is their job, and they are just as concerned with safety as the manager at a factory is. Much like how a plumber has certain codes and rules to follow to ensure a safe and proper job, truck drivers have their own set of rules and regulations to help keep our roads safe.

If you feel like pulling an all nighter and driving the 16 hours from New York City to St. Louis, no one is going to stop you. But if you're a truck driver you must stop after 11 hours and take a minimum of 10 hours rest time before starting again under Hours-of-Service regulations. The difference between commercial and passenger drivers is evident in research conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety that discovered 41 percent of passenger drivers admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel, with 1 in 6 deadly crashes being caused by drowsy drivers.

Next time you climb behind the wheel, think about how your driving would change if you were held to the same safety standards our nation's truck drivers are, and if you could survive the scrutiny they face.

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