Australia: SpeedGauge Partners with ProconMRM Pacific Pty Ltd - Enabling Safer, Less Expensive, More Efficient Commercial Fleet Operations

SpeedGauge, a leading provider of business intelligence and location-based analytics for the trucking and insurance industry, announced its expansion to Australia via a partnership with ProconMRM Pacific Pty Ltd, an affiliate of Procon, Inc., a global leader in mobile resource management (MRM) solutions. The SpeedGauge platform will enable Procon Telematics' customers to identify high-risk driving behavior, educate their drivers regarding safer driving techniques and save money.

The SpeedGauge platform is especially beneficial for Australian fleet owners and managers as it enables them to comply with the country's growing number of "chain of responsibility" laws that hold fleet owners and managers liable for the actions and behavior of drivers.

This partnership will enable Procon Telematics customers to gather valuable insights about driver behavior that can be used to increase fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and operate safer fleets. According to Tim Bos, CEO of ProconMRM Pacific Pty Ltd, fleets will benefit from the posted speed alerts and reports, as speeding affects everything from occupational health and safety (OH&S), to vehicle running and maintenance costs.

"The SpeedGauge partnership is a key piece of our strategy to help Australian companies in the transport and commercial fleet sectors improve OH&S and compliance," Bos said.

"We are pleased to expand our reach in Australia through our partnership with Procon Telematics," said Jonathan Hubbard, co-founder and CEO, SpeedGauge. "We value the relationships Procon Telematics has built with its customers and feel confident the SpeedGauge technology will provide an excellent return on investment to those customers."

The SpeedGauge platform marries safety, risk, GPS analysis and coaching tools to enable smarter and safer driving. Deployment of SpeedGauge is seamless, does not require any additional equipment or installation fees and is often completed in less than 24 hours.

About SpeedGauge

SpeedGauge, a privately held company founded in 2002 and located in San Francisco, provides patented BI and analytics to the commercial transportation industry. SpeedGauge's software solution is available through its network of GPS fleet tracking partners and 3rd party providers around the globe. The company's platform marries safety, risk and GPS data analysis to enable smarter and safer driving.

Deployed across thousands of fleets, SpeedGauge is currently available in North America, Europe and Australasia, with plans to expand to other regions. For further information on the company, its technology and solutions, visit


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