SpeedGauge Launches GaugeMyFleet

SpeedGauge Launches GaugeMyFleet™, a free, 90-day safety benchmarking program for fleets of all sizes

Available from independent insurance agents, the GaugeMyFleet program helps low-risk fleets prove that they are a better risk and deserve better rates

San Francisco, CA – November 15, 2018 – SpeedGauge, an international leader in driver safety and performance solutions, today announced the launch of GaugeMyFleet, a free 90-day safety benchmarking program to help fleets and companies with business vehicles improve safe driving performance, compare drivers to their peers in similar fleets, and access better insurance rates and coverage.

GaugeMyFleet uses data collected by onboard telematics devices or smartphone mobile apps to measure vehicle speeds and compare those speeds to posted speed limits.  The comparative analysis provides insights into driving performance and speeding habits which can identify at-risk drivers.  GaugeMyFleet results are used to mentor new hires and advise current drivers on speeding behavior. Through coaching, drivers can reduce the frequency and severity of those speeding incidents, improve their overall driving safety and avoid costly collisions.

“Speed is the number one factor affecting the severity and cost of injuries in a vehicle collision,” according to SpeedGauge President Jonathan Hubbard. “It also is the leading indicator of distracted driving.  GaugeMyFleet can help drivers and fleets recognize adverse driving patterns and change them, thereby lowering their driving risk and reducing losses.”

“In today’s commercial auto insurance market, about two-thirds of the fleets pay for the other one-third that drive badly,” Hubbard added. “That one-third accounts for 88% of all commercial auto losses and represents a higher than average risk. GaugeMyFleet helps the good fleets prove that they are, indeed, winners.”

In addition to providing driving safety coaching, GaugeMyFleet offers fleets the ability to benchmark their overall driving safety performance, recorded as the proprietary SpeedGauge Safety Score.  With this score as a yardstick, fleets implement steps to reduce risk and improve scores over time.  Safety Score improvement trends can then be used to document the company’s efforts to lower driving risk.  Shared with the user’s auto insurance company, the Safety Score can possibly result in the application of safety credits or a reduction in insurance premium.

The company works directly with independent insurance agents to make GaugeMyFleet available to their commercial auto insurance customers free for 90 days.  In that time, policyholders are able to document the business’s commitment to improving driving safety.  Working together, agents and their clients use GaugeMyFleet to better manage driving risk and determine coverage needs and deductibles.

According to Neal Gorman, president of Specialized Insurance Services, a full-service insurance brokerage based in Charlottesville, VA, “The GaugeMyFleet program is a great tool for recognizing and reinforcing good driving behavior, as well as identifying where help may be needed to improve driving safety. In the long run, it helps companies grow their business profitably by reducing operating costs – from fuel to wear-and-tear to hiring great employees.” 

To encourage and reward businesses for implementing the GaugeMyFleet loss-prevention program, the company has created the SpeedGauge Safe Driver Awards. All drivers participating in GaugeMyFleet who have earned an individual Safety Score above 700 and have driven at least 100 miles during the period are eligible for the monthly drawing for an Amazon Gift Card valued at $250.  

“The SpeedGauge Safe Driver Award reflects the individual driver’s dedication to safety, as well as the company’s commitment to a safe-driving culture for its employees and the motoring public,” Hubbard said.  “And we think that’s something worth recognizing and rewarding.”

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