SpeedGauge Awarded Patent

SAN FRANCISCO, October 28, 2015 - SpeedGauge, Inc. announces that it has been granted a United States patent for a pioneering technology related to GPS data accuracy and quality verification. The patent #9,163,948 Position Accuracy Testing System, is born out of SpeedGauge’s technical and business partnerships with leading telematics service providers (TSPs) across the globe. It demonstrates SpeedGauge’s commitment to improving service levels and operational performance for its partners.

Effective driver behavior monitoring requires accurate data in order to evaluate drivers, vehicles  and equipment. SpeedGauge’s newly patented technology allows GPS providers to test and monitor the positional accuracy of deployed telematics devices and benchmark their performance in real-world operating conditions - without interrupting operations or requiring a service call. Companies using SpeedGauge’s testing system will not be required to rely on stationary calibration units. Instead, users will track accuracy of moving GPS units relative to known road networks while equipment is operationally deployed.

"SpeedGauge’s testing capabilities reduce post-installation service requirements, costs and equipment downtime. Using SpeedGauge, TSPs can assure their fleet customers that their infield devices are performing accurately and effectively", said Chris Kantarjiev, Ph.D., chief technology officer at SpeedGauge. "We support our partners with technical and business solutions to real operational challenges. Awarding this patent to SpeedGauge demonstrates our innovative approach to performance evaluation where it matters most - on the road."

US Patent #9,163,948 Position Accuracy Testing System

About SpeedGauge

SpeedGauge is a driver safety and performance company, providing software solutions that help fleets manage and control vehicle speed - the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy. Designed and engineered for simplicity, SpeedGauge products and services monitor select driver behaviors that have the most significant impact on safety and the overall cost of operations. The company's flagship service, the SpeedGauge Safety Center SM, is delivered in partnership with leading vehicle-tracking companies across the globe, with reports provided on hundreds of thousands of vehicles everyday. Offered as a value added software upgrade, the Safety Center improves existing GPS monitoring capabilities. It increases sales for SpeedGauge partners and assures accountability and transparency for drivers and fleet managers. In addition to the Safety Center, SpeedGauge's customizable analytics solutions and consulting practice provide unique insights into fleet performance and best practices guidance for operations and human resources.

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