SpeedGauge Releases "SpeedGaugeAnywhere" to Monitor Speed, Encourage Safer Driving Wherever Trucks Drive, On the Road and Off

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 14, 2011 - SpeedGauge, a leading provider of business intelligence and location-based analytics for the trucking and insurance industry, is taking speed monitoring to a new level. While SpeedGauge has long provided speed tracking on streets and highways around the world, today the company announced the release of SpeedGaugeAnywhere, which enables fleets to create speed zones around any custom location that is not subject to government set speed limits.

Through SpeedGaugeAnywhere, fleets are able to set up speed zones in unique areas, ranging from logging roads to oil fields to ports. Fleets can create custom speeds within these zones and monitor speeding violations just as they can on interstates and city streets.

"The majority of our business serves the forestry and mining industries but forest and mine roads often aren't identified on the map, let alone monitored for speed," said Ralph Bowler, driver supervisor, with Prince George, British Columbia-based Lomak Bulk Carriers which has been beta testing SpeedGaugeAnywhere since October. "But, due to seasonal construction, safe driving habits are even more important. SpeedGaugeAnywhere enables us to quickly set speed limits and monitor unsafe driving performance on these critical roads and access ways."

"For SpeedGauge, safety doesn't end when the pavement does," said Chris Kantarjiev, co-founder and CTO, SpeedGauge. "SpeedGaugeAnywhere is integrated with Google Earth's kml format and can also support proprietary GIS data files. We developed SpeedGaugeAnywhere to assist those users who operate outside the public road network. Now fleets can monitor safety on seasonal roads, customer locations, ports or wherever they operate."

The SpeedGauge platform marries safety, risk, GPS analysis and coaching tools to enable smarter and safer driving. Deployment of SpeedGauge is seamless, does not require any additional equipment or installation fees and is often completed in less than 24 hours.

About SpeedGauge
SpeedGauge, a privately held company founded in 2002 and located in San Francisco, provides patented BI and analytics to the commercial transportation industry. SpeedGauge's software solution is available through its network of GPS fleet tracking partners and 3rd party providers around the globe.

Deployed across thousands of fleets, SpeedGauge is currently available in North America, Europe and Australasia, with plans to expand to other regions. For further information on the company, its technology and solutions, visit www.speedgauge.net.


Chris Mahar

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