Teletrac Partners with SpeedGauge To Deliver Fully Integrated GPS with Speed Notifications

GARDEN GROVE and SAN FRANCISCO, California, February 23, 2010 - Teletrac Inc., a leading provider of intelligent driving solutions, and SpeedGauge Inc., a provider of software and services for real-time analysis and utilization of commercial vehicle GPS data, today announced an agreement whereby Teletrac will provide SpeedGauge services as an integrated component of its award-winning fleet management vehicle technology, Fleet Director 7. SpeedGauge Web-based applications analyze GPS data streams in real time to help fleet managers identify high risk driving behavior and lower fleet operating costs resulting from excessive speeding.

Already proven and trusted by more than 6,000 fleets in the US alone, Teletrac's Fleet Director locates, tracks and monitors the position and operation of fleet vehicles, giving fleet managers unprecedented visibility into operations-delivering cost-saving efficiencies such as real-time GPS tracking of vehicles from the desktop, automatic route optimization, and detailed reporting for advanced decision support and efficient regulatory compliance.

With Fleet Director, dispatchers and managers can view real-time information and summary data in Fleet Director's "dashboard" displays to support rapid, optimal decision making for most productive use of vehicles and drivers. These dashboards can drill down and include information customized to the needs of individual users

Driver-level reports and scorecards-monitoring each driver, regardless of vehicle-give managers views of driver productivity and compliance, providing important clues for coaching, evaluating drivers, and also for improving operations. Available reports include fleet-level performance, catastrophic events, detailed stops and mileage, duration by driver, idle time by driver, speeding by driver, driver by vehicles, unsafe driver-plus vehicle-level reports ranging from idling to odometer readings. For more detailed information, Fleet Director automatically delivers scheduled reports via email-daily, weekly or monthly according to each recipient's needs and preferences.

"The partnership with SpeedGauge is very exciting as it immediately enhances the benefits of Fleet Director," stated Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac. "Our customers are looking for tools to both improve operations and substantially improve safe driving behaviors. SpeedGauge and Fleet Director integration provides both, without any disruption to the operations of customer fleets."

Currently excessive speed is a major factor in 30% of fatal truck accidents, crashes resulting in nearly 1600 deaths, and $6 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year. Speed is also a leading indicator of other types of poor driver behavior and a leading contributor to poor fuel economy and high vehicle maintenance costs.

SpeedGauge ASP is a patented driver safety analytics application built on the sophisticated analysis of commercial vehicle GPS data streams. It provides predictive decision-support information to commercial fleets to help fleet managers identify high-risk driving behavior, control speed and monitor, rank and rate drivers on all types of roads, nationwide.

"We are very pleased to partner with Teletrac, a recognized leader in telematics for more than 20 years," stated Jonathan Hubbard, CEO and co-founder, SpeedGauge. "The synergies resulting from the integration of these leading solutions will provide fleet managers unprecedented capabilities to streamline operations and improve safety."

About SpeedGauge
SpeedGauge Inc. has been building and offering useful applications and services built upon the deep analysis of GPS data streams since 2002 and currently has deployed commercial solutions in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. SpeedGauge ASP is a patented vehicle and driver evaluation system that goes well beyond traditional speed-control technologies by bringing context and analysis to reporting, and by providing fleet managers with a variety of easy-to-use, point-and-click software tools for fine-tuning precisely how, where, when, and to what extent aggressive driving is to be discouraged within a fleet. For more information, visit

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