SpeedGauge Safety Center Partnership


GPS tracking providers with commercial fleet customers

Our flagship end-to-end speed limit solution. Deployed in partnership with dozens of leading telematics companies worldwide and used by thousands of fleets every day.

Partnership Benefits:
  • Rapid deployment: With our APIs you can have your hosted & co-branded Safety Center up and running in days.
  • Sales support: We know how to sell and how to use the Safety Center to engage customer, sell more units and deliver higher ROI for your service offerings.
  • Direct support for your customers: We constantly maintain our Helpdesk, provide 1:1 training and videos for new fleets, and offer Chat, Email and Phone support.
User features include:
  • Configurable reports & alerts
  • Charts, maps & dashboards to assess risk and explore trends
  • Maps and tools to highlight individual speeding events for driver coaching
  • Support for customer speed limits, geofences, proprietary shape files and many other customizations.
  • Enterprise API integration for large fleets
Available worldwide in English, French and Spanish

SpeedGauge Annotation Web Services


Insurance Companies, Traffic Analysts, data analytics providers, VARs and more

Doing your own analysis? Access our continuously updated speed limit database using our RESTful API to bring insights to your data analysis projects.

  • Scalable, high-performance web service environment
  • Real-time and asynchronous batch processing available
  • Access to our live speed limit database
  • Custom speed rules services
  • Proprietary geolocation error filtering for maximum output quality
  • Worldwide coverage
Flexible and highly scalable:
  • Hundreds of thousand of vehicles with multiple data sets
  • Customizable and supported by our engineering team
  • Consulting services for performance optimization and relevant insights