SafeSpeed®, built by MAGTEC and powered by SpeedGauge, restricts your vehicles to the posted speed limit at all times, everywhere your fleet operates. 

Connected to SpeedGauge’s live and continuously updated speed limit database, SafeSpeed is fully integrated into the SpeedGauge Safety CenterTM for reporting, alerting and analysis. In addition, our robust customization engine allows you to apply your company’s proprietary speed rules - including limits for off-road or unmapped locations.

SafeSpeed’s fail-safe design includes easy to use override functionality for passing and emergencies, as well as optional in-vehicle display unit.

SpeedGauge offers SafeSpeed in collaboration with leading telematic service providers in markets worldwide, and as a stand-alone add-on to any vehicle.

For more information please call SpeedGauge at +1.415.483.1470 or

SafeSpeed module (right) with optional modem; harness not pictured