Insurers and their clients turn to us to understand driving risk, how to measure it, how to analyze it, how to predict it and – most importantly – how to reduce it.

Serving the top organizations in the property and casualty insurance industry, affording them access to more than 7 million vehicles and over 70 billion miles of driving data to inform risk management, claims analytics, product development and underwriting. 

We Give Context and Meaning to Driving Data

We measure and analyze data on nearly 200 different ratings variables, from vehicle type and load, to road maintenance history, driver safety scores and more – because where, when and which vehicles are driven are as important as how they are driven.

Insights for Analyzing, Rating and Reducing Driving Risk

The industry’s largest and best source for commercial vehicle data from telematics and the driven environment.

  • Normalized across industries, fleets, vehicle types and uses…
  • Over 100 data sources, from DOTs to OEMs to TSPs, mobile devices, road sensors and crowd-sourced data – all at the lowest cost…
  • Standardized to assure compatibility with insurers’ internal data systems…
  • A marketplace where insurance carriers have access to more 70x more data than a data exchange or pilot project…
  • An easy-to-use underwriting portal offering comparative views of the risks in your book, along with all the underlying data needed to classify every risk correctly 

Better Data for Better, More Streamlined Underwriting Decisions

  • Easily access policyholder driving data, with consent of the business
  • Unprecedented visibility into fleet and individual driving risk exposure
  • Understand the impact of the driven environment and vehicle characteristics on driving risk
  • Predictive analytics of where the risk is and which vehicles are most likely to be in a collision
  • Apply proprietary rating models to verified driving and vehicle data
  • Retain control of pricing
  • Use detailed driving history data to desk-adjust claims

Driver Safety Scores and fleet FAIR Scores® allow business auto clients and their insurers to see the complete picture to better measure and better manage driving risk.  Safety Scores measure drivers’ choices in how they drive, identify drivers at risk of collision and document the impact of coaching on improving individual safe-driving performance.  FAIR Score is about business choices in the types of vehicles used, the routes selected, the time of day fleets operate and more, and compares the fleet against peer businesses for more accurate underwriting.

The Data Driven Clearinghouse Offers Clear Advantages:

  • Insurer pays only for today’s data and adds historical data from the Clearinghouse when needed
  • Data from multiple vendors assures collecting the right data for claims or loss control
  • Leverages proprietary rating models; eliminates uncertainty
  • Avoids the expense and complexity of collecting, storing and mining driving data, VIN matching and vehicle-to-driver-to-road normalization by class and territory
  • Saves time and increases underwriting accuracy with validated, proprietary data for risk classification and selection.
  • With no I.T. investment, produces pricing results shown to be at least 2.5x more accurate

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