Helping businesses benchmark and improve driving safety and performance to…

  • Better understand and lower their driving risk
  • Decrease operational costs for fuel and repairs
  • Retain good drivers, lower replacement/recruitment costs
  • AND realize more favorable insurance coverage and rates

No hardware needed. No installation required. GaugeMyFleet uses data already collected from onboard telematics.


FREE 90-day loss prevention and safety benchmarking program

  • Receive email alerts and reports on driver performance and fleet safety trends
  • Coach, retain and incentivize drivers
  • Reduce speeding incidents; improve driving safety
  • Reduce vehicle collisions, injuries and losses
  • Earn possible insurance safety credits or premium savings
  • Enrolling in GaugeMyFleet is easy...just ask your insurance agent

Use GaugeMyFleet for 90 days to improve fleet safety scores and share your risk reduction results with your insurance company

Benchmarks Create Value for the Fleet

Four cost drivers increase a fleet’s telematics ROI…

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Protect invested capital and vehicle re-sale value
  • Improved profits through lower fuel consumption
  • Reduce vehicle wear-and-tear

GaugeMyFleet Shows Fleet Managers Where to Focus Coaching Efforts

Easily identify: 

  • Top performing drivers
  • Risky behavior
  • Custom limits and geofence zone infractions
  • And more…

Knowing the Score Ups Your Risk Reduction Game

Driver Safety Scores and fleet FAIR Scores® allow business auto clients and their insurers to see the complete picture to better measure and better manage driving risk.  Safety Scores measure drivers’ choices in how they drive, identify drivers at risk of collision and document the impact of coaching on improving individual safe-driving performance.  FAIR Score is about business choices in the types of vehicles used, the routes selected, the time of day fleets operate and more, and compares the fleet against peer businesses for more accurate underwriting.

Questions about GaugeMyFleet?  Ask your business auto insurance agent or call us today at 206.274.0024.