The Safety Center speed monitoring and driving risk reduction service improves driving behavior and performance – saving money and saving lives.

Used by thousands of fleets and commercial businesses across North America, SpeedGauge driver safety coaching and performance management software solutions help fleets and businesses lower driving risk and better manage how their drivers and employees perform on the road.

Speed is the #1 indicator of crashes AND it is the easiest behavior to control!

How do businesses benefit from the SpeedGauge Safety Center?

  • Change risky driving habits; incentivize drivers to improve safe-driving performance 
  • Prevent collisions and auto-related injuries 
  • Improve fuel economy and lower wear-and-tear expenses
  • Increase efficiency and increase revenues
  • Reduce insurance premiums, legal costs and incident citations 
  • Protect your drivers… guard your brand and reputation

New SpeedGauge Safety Center users typically reduce speeding by 50% within the first 30 to 60 days.

How does the Safety Center work?

  • We use speed, location and other data already collected by onboard GPS telematics devices
  • We compare actual recorded speeds to posted speed limits
  • We provide analysis of speeding incidents and locations, and monitor trends
  • SpeedGauge shows where to focus efforts – who are the top performers and who are most at risk
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly alerts, charts, maps and reports provide top-level insights into how each driver and vehicle is performing – via email and your online Safety Center portal and dashboard
  • Comparative analysis gives you a view of your fleet’s overall performance

No hardware to buy, no installation required.  
Safety Center is an easy-to-implement software solution.

Why is the SpeedGauge Safety Center the leading driving behavior management solution?

  • We monitor everywhere your vehicles are driven -- side roads, rural areas, interstate highways, city streets, terminal yards and off-road
  • SpeedGauge boasts the most accurate posted speed limit database in the world – verified around the clock
  • Our unique mobile app puts the benefits of the Safety Center in the driver’s hands
  • Our speed limit database is updated and improved continually with data imported directly from fleets and cross referenced by SpeedGauge
  • Speed monitoring is customizable to fit your business – user-defined speeds limits, zones and road conditions

Over 4,000 fleet customers use Safety Center, monitoring more than 500,000 commercial vehicles

Who uses Safety Center?

  • Freight Haulers
  • Contractors (plumbing, electric, HVAC)
  • Long-haul Transporters
  • Service Businesses
  • Specialty Haulers
  • Landscapers
  • Utility Fleets
  • Local Delivery Fleets

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How do fleets and businesses with commercial vehicles become Safety Center users?

  • Sold as a value-added service through TSP fleet management companies
  • Safety Center uses the GPS data from TSP telematics devices 
  • Subscribing to the SpeedGauge Safety Center is easy
  • Account setup is fast, simple and handled for you

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